Dead Panda – 3 review

Hey! Would you like to get your eardrums dirty with some rock and roll that takes you back to the ‘Raw Power’ days of The Stooges? If so, here’s some fresh stoner garage noise rock for you. Behold the album called ‘3’, a collection of heavily distorted instrumental songs with high momentum and excessive use of wah-pedal, by Dead Panda from Richmond VA.

After listening to the band’s previous studio materials, ‘2’ , and ‘Year of Dead Panda’, the dirty sound won’t surprise you, it is a trademark of Dead Panda, a band that takes noise rock to a new level, and takes the word ‘garage’ literally. With ‘3’, they bring you 13 pieces of sonic madness, the perfect soundtrack to your journey to delirium.  Every note is coming from instinct, and everything is high-gain (even the drums). What could make the music even more crazy, is some good old insane shouting from a whiskey soaked, cigarette smoked throat. For some reason, the guys decided to replace vocals with voice samples, which is somewhat unusual in this kind of music, but that’s the whole point, you would guess. A good example is ‘Little Stars’, with samples that fit the vibe and rhythm of the free-flowing song.

What is cool about Dead Panda, is the don’t-give-a-fuck-just-play-fucking-music attitude, which makes you want to see them perform live, with all the interference and feedback coming from the amps, and the noise of the drums. Looking forward to being witness to such a show, and being part of the madness!

Stoned Earth – Desert Overtone review

After a 24-and-a-half-minute single ‘Sonic Planet’, released in November 2018, French stoner project Stoned Earth published a full-length called ‘Desert Overtone’. The song of the same name, which is another 24-minute piece, starts with a flashback that takes you back to Tool’s ‘Lateralus’ (the title track), then resolves to a slow symphony of stoner blues. This particular song is a great example of making interesting instrumental music: it is always changing, surprises you with twists, and eventually becomes a mosaic of melodies (rather than riffs) that bubble up in a very natural manner, which makes you sit back and enjoy the vibe instead of focusing on the patterns. Writing 24-minute songs is a an extremely great challenge, but it’s worth it, because such pieces take the listener to an uninterrupted journey. Besides, they are memorable…different genre, but Meshuggah’s 21-minute experiment ‘I’, for example, is something that made history. One must remember though that these remarks are about the quantity and density of great content rather than the song length.

Let’s zoom out a bit. In general, the title of the album will not let you down. The music does take you to a desert, you can feel the heat, and the sand between your toes. More importantly, if you listen to previous releases of Stoned Earth, you will observe that they are always able to write quality music, and they do it with a high level of productivity. Therefore, the music of Stoned Earth is strongly recommended to you, dear stoners.


Underground bands that worth paying attention to, part 1

Hi, stoners! Are you interested in getting to know new bands of the underground? If so, this post is exactly for you, and hopefully there will be similar content in the future. Here, The Highly Creative, in collaboration with Fuzzy Cracklins, will provide a list of bands from different parts of the globe, with a recommended release for each, and some very basic pieces of info you might be interested in.

Seedium from Szczecin, Poland – recommended release: ‘Awake’. Heavy and serious instrumental doom stuff. Great sounds, mostly characterized by the flavor of distortion and the intensity of the bass.

La Grande Armée San from Pedro De La Paz, Chile  – recommended release: ‘La Grande Armée’. Magnificent melodic music with ubiquitous echoes, a trip to the otherwise unreachable parts of the Universe.

Cleõphüzz from Ville Marie, Québec – recommended release: ‘Wizard of phüzz’. Oscillating between classic stoner with somewhat Kyussesque vocals and beautiful upside-down psychedelic ritual rock with unusual string instruments.

Denim Dan & The Blue Jean Band from Phoenix, Arizona – recommended release: ‘Wicked Witches Brew’. Your favorite cocktail of grungy stoner desert rock full of energy, ideal for summer nights with excessive amount of beer.