Back to Italy for more heavy stuff

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Italian sludge metal band Wojtek’s new EP. Some of you might already know the fact that Italy has lots of great heavy underground bands to discover. Here’s a post about two particular bands, both from Italy, and both heavy.

DieSünde_©Ilenia_Urso_002 (1)

First, meet Die Sünde, and let their self-titled EP rip your head off. Labelled as post-black metal, their music has all the good parts inherited from black metal: dark autumn-winter vibe, intensity, noisiness and dissonance (oh yeah those tasty, grinding minor thirds!); and they make it all modern with sludgy guitar tones and riffs, and a wide variety of rhythms.

You will find melodies in Persistenza Inane and Megattera, and these melodies will give you some nice bittersweet feeling. In the end, however, the darkness will devour you, and you won’t be able to stop headbanging.

This is quality material, and  my favorite song is definitely Megattera. It shows what these guys are capable of in terms of composition, haviness, and aesthetics. They have come up with a good direction for the evolution of black metal, so if you like modern stuff like Mgła, you are going to love Die Sünde.

Lunar Swamp

After your frostbites heal, it’s time for something completely different. Get ready for Lunar Swamp, ‘shamanic doom blues’, according to their description. Their EP is called UnderMudBlues, and the first thing that tickles my eardrums and soul is the sound of the harmonica. Guitar sound is yummy, too, its soft and warm fuzziness will really help you relax.

Riffs have the old school stoner feeling (from the school of Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Sleep, and so on), with occasional flashes of psychedelic rock and blues.

The best parts of the EP are the slow, soulful guitar solos like the ones in Magic Circle At Twin Moons and Shamanic Owl. If I had to choose a favorite song, by the way, I would choose the latter because it’s the bluesiest one (and because of the harmonica).

Wrapping it up, UnderMudBlues is a good treat for both stoners and blues lovers, do not hesitate to give it a go.

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