Green Hog EP by Green Hog Band

Are you ready for some fresh riffs from the underground? Green Hog EP by Green Hog Band is out today, and this is a short review of the material. Let’s dive in!

As soon as the first song kicks in, you realize why the band is called Green Hog Band: the sound is intense and fuzzy like a hog, and resembles the good old Wolverine Blues era Entombed (which is a huge huge plus!), which becomes even more emphasized with the lead guitars. However, the style is different: Eclipse and Dogs From Hell are two slow stoner-doom-death rock songs, Snake Mistress comes with psychedelic and world music vibes, and Machine is an old school rock and roll piece.

Green Hog band on the street

There are two common denominators of the songs. The first one is the fuzz, the tasty dirty distortion. The second one is the instinct, which gives the music a special momentum. Additionally, it is worth mentioning Ivan’s low-pitched vocals that match the sound and the whole atmosphere quite well.

Favorite song is definitely Snake Mistress because of its unique melodies outside the stoner comfort zone and scale: it’s always refreshing to hear something unusual, and it is an indicator of the potential in the band’s songwriting.

If you like what you hear, follow Green Hog Band:









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