A playlist for the winter from the realms of winter

As winter approaches, it is time to prepare for the cold, but not with blankets and hot chocolate. No. You prepare with weed, vodka (or other kinds of spirit you prefer), and a playlist that keeps you moving and scares the wolves. This post is a journey to the realms of winter, with some cold and cool music for your playlist.

Let’s start with a compilation / split of three bands: Pressor, Diazepam, and Soom.

Pressor (see a short review of their previous show) brings you beautifully dirty riffs with two songs, Royal Witch, and Geeked Up Cookie Monster. The former has an official video, you can watch it here:

If you want to hear more from Pressor, you can find good stuff on Bandcamp. Weird Things is the perfect example of the band’s sound, energy and style. Four snapshots from the depths of hell, all of them are low tuned, and are going to punch your eardrums with incredible heaviness:

Grave Full of Weed is their album from 2012, a cannabis themed work with some scandinavian death and roll influences, and a twisted dark ending.

Returning to the split. With the song Sinking, Diazepam delivers a similar feeling compared to that of the Pressor songs, but with a different sound. As the band name suggests, you will find slow, sludgy stoner metal. If you enjoy Sinking, you should definitely hear the full length Chemical Justice, a powerful collection of great quality. Personal favorite is the title track, but it is worth taking the time to consume the whole material, because it is full of energy, blues, and anger.

Unfortunately, the band split up in 2016, but you can (and should) listen to their stuff.

The compilation ends with Soom’s slow, noisy piece Крізь трембіту до легень і навпаки (translated to Through the trembita to the lungs and vice versa by Google, and it seems to make sense). The short description of the band on Bandcamp, by the way, says “Smoke music, Listen weed”, and it is 100% accurate: their music takes you to places you’ve never been before with its reverbs, delays, distortion, folk influence, and cold noisiness. The album Ніч на полонині (Night on the Meadow) is perfect for frozen nights:

If you like it, you will love the 2018 opus Джєбарс (Djebars):

From this particular album, Під променем тьмяним захована мрія (Under a Gleam the Dream Is Hidden) seems to be the best one, with its madness… oh, and that melody! It is also worth mentioning Коляска (Wheelchair), which you will recognize by the distorted harmonics in its intro. It has a music video, in which you can join a guy wandering around in a city, and peek into his altered state of mind thanks to the vibrating pictures and colorful effects.

That is some strong shit so far, and there’s more! Meet Megalith Levitation from Chelyabinsk, creators of super fuzzy, super sludgy, superslow metal, a special deadly mixture of doom and drone. With the album Acid Doom Rites, each song is a meditative psychedelic journey that makes your time dilate, and makes you levitate. The album is full of mood shifts between light stoner riffs and heavy, low tuned, cold ones, with everything you can imagine in between.

That’s it for now, you can start creating your playlist from the above, and hopefully you can expect similar posts later. If you want to do research, it is recommended to checkout [addicted label].

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