Tool – Fear Inoculum : A First Impression Review

Considering the impact of Tool on rock and roll, it’s not a surprise that today is a very special day for the whole community. After almost five thousand days of waiting since the release of ‘10,000 Days’, the new album is out, and you may ask the question: what have these guys been doing all along? If you listen to ‘Fear Inoculum’ (which is a must, no matter whether you like Tool or not), you will hear the answer.

The guys have found a 50-50 balance between experimenting and remaining Tool-esque. You can hear the former in totally new concepts for percussions, exciting synthesizers, and novel vocal harmonies (which are beautiful, by the way). Altogether, Tool literally took the time to come up with something unexpected. You can also hear the latter: familiar riffs from the days before the long wait, Tool-esque polyrhythmic moments, and tasteful effects on the guitar and bass. But what’s more important, everything that Tool does is a whole new universe worth exploring.

You might have been waiting for The Album That Will Blow the Mind of All Mankind, or something very similar to your favorite Tool album. Either way, you wont get disappointed, because ‘Fear Inoculum’ is something in between. What will definitely blow your mind, though, is the audio quality, which is beyond words.

This is a day to remember if you are a metalhead. Before you go to sleep tonight, take the time and listen to ‘Fear Inoculum’.

Here’s the title song as an appetizer:

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