Concert review – Dürer Kert, Budapest, Hungary, May 15th 2019

Ænthropy – it is rare that you see and hear a cellist in a metal band. Here, the sound of the cello gives the music a special taste (a feeling of contemporary classical music). Furthermore, these guys operate outside the good old 4/4, and mix beautiful harmonies with unconventional grooves. The show was solid and sounded great.


Her Highness – a duo of a bassist and a drummer, bringing you a slow (not extremely, but comfortably slow) storm of sound, with really intense distorted bass. All riffs are heavy and of the stoner kind (hence the name), and the whole thing is so well orchestrated that it made the whole place resonate.


Dungaree – the only band with vocals at the party, and those vocals were impressive. And so was the performance: modern rock and roll played with confidence. Someone mentioned the influence of Audioslave, others felt a hint of Clutch, with some additional twists, of course, and some very satisfying riffs.


Methadone Skies – as one can guess it by the name of the band, this is some serious stuff, with epic song structures, bittersweet melodies, and interfering echoes. Those who were there, were lucky because Methadone Skies played a magnificent show, with professional sound magic and great enthusiasm.


Photos by Ádám Bálint / Tadder Művek

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