Concert review – Auróra, Budapest, Hungary, April 30th 2019

King Furia – opening with a mixture of doom, death, and black metal, King Furia brought some melodic darkness and ghost noise infused dissonance to the place. They showed that they know how to capture bitterness and dark moods with music in an enjoyable way, and how to use guitar effects wisely. It was a rock solid performance, a great start for a great night.


Arkas – you can call it aggressive jazz, experimental instrumental metal, or whatever that pops into mind, the music of the duo Arkas is very intriguing, and hard to summarize in a single word: full of tempo changes, twists, blast beats, unexpected shouting, and surprisingly satisfying melodies. They played with confidence and high energy, and covered a wide spectrum of sound.


Pressor – headbangers’ heaven from Russia. These guys are doing the math (sometimes literally, with time signatures), and know exactly what metalheads want, and it’s obvious why Pressor is quite popular among sludge lovers. Dirty, loud, heavy, and distorted, a combination you would need after a couple of hours of beer and thc consumption. It was a hell of a show!


Hladna – this was not a concert, but a ritual. Before it all began, a shaman took a handful of white powder from a sack and covered his face with it. Hladna started to produce noise with brass and woodwinds, guitar and human voice, which all ran through different effects, producing feedback and interference. Time evaporated in a whirlpool of heavily modulated noise and strobe light. The whole thing was quite unbelievable.


Photos by Ádám Bálint / Tadder Művek

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