Interview with Arsis Thesis

An interview with doom metal band Arsis Thesis, a journey to the world of Pangea.

Arsis Thesis


Concert review – Dürer Kert, Budapest, Hungary, May 15th 2019

Ænthropy – it is rare that you see and hear a cellist in a metal band. Here, the sound of the cello gives the music a special taste (a feeling of contemporary classical music). Furthermore, these guys operate outside the good old 4/4, and mix beautiful harmonies with unconventional grooves. The show was solid and sounded great.


Her Highness – a duo of a bassist and a drummer, bringing you a slow (not extremely, but comfortably slow) storm of sound, with really intense distorted bass. All riffs are heavy and of the stoner kind (hence the name), and the whole thing is so well orchestrated that it made the whole place resonate.


Dungaree – the only band with vocals at the party, and those vocals were impressive. And so was the performance: modern rock and roll played with confidence. Someone mentioned the influence of Audioslave, others felt a hint of Clutch, with some additional twists, of course, and some very satisfying riffs.


Methadone Skies – as one can guess it by the name of the band, this is some serious stuff, with epic song structures, bittersweet melodies, and interfering echoes. Those who were there, were lucky because Methadone Skies played a magnificent show, with professional sound magic and great enthusiasm.


Photos by Ádám Bálint / Tadder Művek

Concert review – Auróra, Budapest, Hungary, April 30th 2019

King Furia – opening with a mixture of doom, death, and black metal, King Furia brought some melodic darkness and ghost noise infused dissonance to the place. They showed that they know how to capture bitterness and dark moods with music in an enjoyable way, and how to use guitar effects wisely. It was a rock solid performance, a great start for a great night.


Arkas – you can call it aggressive jazz, experimental instrumental metal, or whatever that pops into mind, the music of the duo Arkas is very intriguing, and hard to summarize in a single word: full of tempo changes, twists, blast beats, unexpected shouting, and surprisingly satisfying melodies. They played with confidence and high energy, and covered a wide spectrum of sound.


Pressor – headbangers’ heaven from Russia. These guys are doing the math (sometimes literally, with time signatures), and know exactly what metalheads want, and it’s obvious why Pressor is quite popular among sludge lovers. Dirty, loud, heavy, and distorted, a combination you would need after a couple of hours of beer and thc consumption. It was a hell of a show!


Hladna – this was not a concert, but a ritual. Before it all began, a shaman took a handful of white powder from a sack and covered his face with it. Hladna started to produce noise with brass and woodwinds, guitar and human voice, which all ran through different effects, producing feedback and interference. Time evaporated in a whirlpool of heavily modulated noise and strobe light. The whole thing was quite unbelievable.


Photos by Ádám Bálint / Tadder Művek

Underground bands that worth paying attention to, part 2

Hi, stoners! This is part II of the series, another short journey around the planet with some awesome underground bands. Again, here you have some recommended releases to listen to, and if you like what you hear, spread the word, support these bands, support the underground.

Hombrehumano from Argentina – recommended release: ‘Crepuscular’. This band brings you a really unique kind of stoner rock with oceanic atmosphere, recognizable by the use of additional special percussions and vocals sung in Spanish.

Crow Ballard from Portland, Oregon – recommended release: ‘Electric Paradox’. Short songs, almost miniatures, each one is a different world. Still, you will find coherence in Crow Ballard’s music, in solid vintage guitar sounds and bluesy vocals.

Shy Lizard from Swansea, UK – recommended release: ‘The Sun That Burned Too Long’. With influences from grunge, british rock, and more, this band is a great example of modern alternative garage rock with a lot of sunshine.

Hoof Over Head from Denver, Colorado – recommended release: ‘Celestial Creeper’. Noisy, doomy, beer soaked lo-fi music, tasty riffs with a feeling of 1970s rock classics. Dominant bass, comfortably slow tempo, everything you need for a smoky experience.


Pusherkid – Smokedoper review

Smokedoper… Smokedoper… I’m sorry. Did you mean Dopesmoker? You know, the famous Sleep album? Nope, it is Smokedoper, you might guess the choice of the title and the word play is intentional. It is intentional, and it is for a reason: this little EP is definitely good for smoking. With its sludgy low-frequency riffs, otherworldly high-reverb vocals, and intense bass drums, Smokedoper is a good candidate for a new stoner favorite.

So you see the title, and you might start looking for influences of Sleep, similarities between Pusherkid’s release and the legendary one-hour piece. Don’t do it. Although the importance (and perhaps the influence) of marijuana, and the music being stoner are things in common, Smokedoper is something completely different. Instead of a monumental, forever flowing, droney opus, you are going to hear four bass-driven rock songs that show you the modern side of doom.

The album covers a wide range of moods, and whenever there’s polyphony, you will find it tasteful. The material reaches its peak in the song ‘Moon’, with awesome bluesy guitar solos that are really delicious with the heavy bassline. The lyrics are short and do not follow the traditional verse and chorus structure. Instead, they are more like metaphors or impressions, which makes them special, and somewhat mysterious. Two of them are especially good, namely ‘Misty Morning’, and ‘Moon’.

The work of Pusherkid is promising, and makes you hungry for more. Until the next release, you have Smokedoper. You are lucky that the title is very easy to memorize.

Tripping Haze Ceremony – Emperor Of Doom review

Stoner doom from Malaysia sounds like something intriguing and exotic. It totally grabs your attention, and what’s even better, the new single ‘Emperor Of Doom’ by Tripping Haze Ceremony delivers everything you would expect after their three-track demo from last December, and more.

‘Emperor Of Doom’ brings your appetite with a tweaked sample from the 1968 horror movie ‘Night of the Living Dead’. For some reason, horror movies and rock / metal are a great combination, just like cheese and wine.

The intro riff is like a stonerified version of Metallica’s ‘Seek and Destroy’ intro, similar and totally different at the same time, a catchy tune that establishes the feeling, and returns at different points of the song. Vocals are in great harmony with the guitar riffs, and are heavily distorted, which makes things really groovy (disclaimer: the author has a fetish for distorted vocals). In general, the sound follows the traditional school of dirty rock, you may call it ‘vintage’ or ‘garage’, with the dirtiness of of Kyuss’ ‘Wretch’, but with more emphasis on the middle and bass frequency range.

You might ask the question: is there a guitar solo? Of course, there is! It is beautiful, because it is simple, it is dominated by bends and short trills, and it sometimes doesn’t give a damn about good old common time ticking underneath.

Although the song ends a bit surprisingly, it totally rocks, and it makes you curious about the future releases of Tripping Haze Ceremony. For now, one can only speculate, but it would be awesome to hear more tunes soon.